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Elke Wimmer
Hotel Fischzucht
Julius-Echter-Straße 15
97084 Würzburg


Phone: +49 931 619870
Fax: +49 931 6198750

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Page "Visiting as a travelling salesperson":
Laptop on desk © NOBU -
Man on bed © gstockstudio -
Man pulling suitcase © gstockstudio -

Page "Visiting as a tourist":
View over the fortress 'Marienberg' and the river 'Main' © Würzburg City
Residence © Firma V -

Page "Visiting as a passing through":
View from car ©ambrozinio -
Family in the trunk © Edyta Pawlowska -

Page "Visiting as a cyclist":
Cyclist at river © dbunn -
Senior cyclists © goodluz -
Mountain bike in the forest © lassedesignen -

Page "Ristorante Portanova": © Ristorante Portanova

All other pictures © Hotel Fischzucht




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