If you're a cyclist, why not come and enjoy our hospitality. Hotel Fischzucht in Würzburg-Heidingsfeld is the ideal starting point for a number of bike tours. Located directly on the Main bike path, the Romantic Road lends itself to rallies and touring alike.

Your bikes are as well looked after as you are. Just leave your bike in our bike garage. And if you should happen to need repairs, there are a number of bike shops with spare parts and workshops nearby. We have tools available for smaller repairs. Should you come without a bike and would like to go on a bike ride, we are more than happy to lend you our bikes for a small fee.

For e-bikes, we offer a lockable charging facility in our bicycle garage, where you can fill up with electricity free of charge. Please note that batteries may not be charged in the room for safety reasons.

You can find some of the sights worth seeing in our region under "Useful Links" .

Discover the wonderful Mainfranken by bike and relax in Hotel Fischzucht!